HD-R712 Receiving Card


1. Integrated with 12 lines HUB75E port
2. Ultra loading capacity, conventional chip recommended 128*1024 pixels, PWM chip recommended 256*1024 pixels
3. Support data group exchange and data group offset setting
4. Support any scan module within static~1/128 scan
5. Support multi-card cascade, arbitrary order
6. Support data group exchange and data group offset setting

HUIDU HD-R712 LED Display Full Color Receiving Card Parameter:

Support sending type: Support synchronous and asynchronous dual-mode play box, asynchronous sending card, synchronous sending card and two-in-one

Support mods: Support all conventional chip modules; support mainstream PWM chip modules

Scanning method : Supports any scanning method from static to 1/128 scan, and supports snapshot and empty point settings

Communication method: Gigabit Ethernet

Load range :
Maximum loading: 260,000 points (512*512)
Recommended loading: conventional chip 128*1024, PWM chip 256*1024
Note: The actual load is related to the number of interfaces/module resolution

Multi-card connection: Receiving cards can be sorted arbitrarily, nanosecond-level synchronization

Gray scale: Support 256~65536 levels

Smart setting: Smart settings can be completed in a few simple steps, and any routing can be matched through the screen routing settings, Display unit board in line mode

Test functions: The receiving card integrates the screen test function to test the brightness uniformity of the display screen and the display screen, Module flatness

Communication distance: Within 80 meters of Category 5e and Category 6 network cables

Port: 5V DC Power*2,1Gbps Ethernet port*2, HUB75E*12

Input voltage: 4V-5.5V

Power: 5W

HUB75E Port Receiving Card HD-R712
R712 is an LED display receiving card that supports both synchronous and asynchronous control system, no need HUB adapter board. It is equipped with 12*HUB75E interface onboard, with a good stability, the maximum loading capacity is 262,144 pixels.

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